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The alignment of the teeth and jaws is important, not only for the appearance of the smile but oral health as well. There are multiple different types of alignment issues that can affect the mouth of your child. One of these alignment issues is a crossbite. If your child is dealing with a crossbite, Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City can help.

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite (also spelled cross-bite or cross bite) is an abnormal alignment of one or more of the teeth in one arch about the opposing teeth in the opposite arch. This can be caused by a deviation in the alignment of your teeth or the alignment of your jaw. While usually hereditary, crossbites can also occur as a result of certain types of situations. For instance, a crossbite can occur when the adult teeth begin to grow in before all of the baby teeth have fallen out. If this happens, the adult teeth cannot grow in properly, resulting in alignment issues.

Anterior Vs. Posterior Crossbites

There are two types of crossbites that can occur, anterior and posterior. An anterior crossbite is similar to an underbite. It occurs when the top front teeth fall behind the bottom front teeth when you bite down. A posterior crossbite, on the other hand, occurs when one or more of the upper teeth on either side of your face fall inside the bottom teeth opposite of them. Posterior crossbites are usually corrected by expanding your palate, but sometimes by just moving one or two teeth.

Most seriously, the lower front teeth are much more likely to have gingival recession or other gum and periodontal problems if they are pushed forward by upper teeth in crossbite.

What Issues Can Crossbites Cause?

Both anterior and posterior crossbites can be corrected. The sooner they are addressed, the better. Crossbites can cause a variety of different issues. These include
•  Cosmetic issues.
•  Bruxism.
•  Gum recession.
•  TMJ and jaw issues.
•  Tooth loss.
•  Chronic headaches.
•  Issues with the development of the face and jaw.

Treating Crossbites

There are a few different treatments that may be recommended when it comes to treating a crossbite. With a thorough examination, we can determine the severity of the situation and determine the best treatment for your child. Treatments include
•  Palatal expanders. A palatal expander can be used to expand the size of the upper jaw. These can be fixed or removable devices. A fixed expander is attached to the molars and is gradually widened with a special key.
•  Braces. Braces can help to realign the teeth, which can then help to correct your bite.
•  Headgear. Headgear can be an effective treatment for children and teens. This type of treatment involves a device that is worn on the head and the face and attaches to the teeth with wires. The force of the headgear on the jaw and the teeth help to either slow or increase the development of the jaw over time.
•  Tooth extractions. In some cases, one or more teeth may need to be removed before orthodontic treatment. Removing teeth can make room to effectively align crooked teeth.
•  Dental restorations. In cases of minor alignment issues, crowns or reshaping can help.
•  Oral surgery. In extreme cases, oral surgery may be required to treat a crossbite.

By correcting a crossbite, we can help to not only improve the smile of your child but their oral health as well. For more information, and to schedule a consultation, call Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City at 971-470-0045 today.
Great Grins for Kids gets our highest rating. The dentists and staff are highly professional, yet compassionate and friendly. We have had experience with other dental practices that don't measure up. Getting our kids to Great Grins was a wonderful upgrade for our family. You set the bar very high! ~ Annabelle C.

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There are a few different types of alignment issues that affect the mouth of your child, one being a crossbite. Give Great Grins for Kids a call to learn more!
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