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Baby Teeth Matter
Pediatric Dentist Oregon City, OR

Smiling baby with two small front teeth at Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City in Oregon City, OR.Many parents do not realize how important their child’s baby teeth are. While it is true that these teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent adult teeth, it does not mean that you can ignore these teeth or skip over properly caring for them. In fact, the teething process and baby teeth are important, and you need to make certain your child is receiving proper early infant oral care. You should bring them in to Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City to see our pediatric dentists for their first visit when they get their first tooth or by their first birthday so we can begin caring for their baby teeth. Here are some of the reasons why baby teeth matter.

What Do Baby Teeth Do?

Most people know what baby teeth are. These are the temporary teeth that children have from around age one to around age six, though some children get or lose teeth earlier or later. While adults have 32 permanent teeth, there are only 20 baby or primary teeth. This is because a child’s mouth is not large enough to hold more. These teeth erupt at different types, and a child normally doesn’t have the full set until they are around two and a half. These teeth have a number of functions, including helping them learn to talk, chew food, and create space for permanent teeth.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth are important for several reasons. As your child begins eating solid foods, they will need their baby teeth to help them tear and chew food. Their teeth also help them learn how to speak properly. When we make certain sounds or say certain words, the tongue touches the backs of the teeth. Without baby teeth, children may find it very difficult to pronounce these words. Teeth also help develop the muscles of the face. They serve as a guide for your child’s adult teeth and ensure that those teeth are spaced out correctly.

Why Baby Teeth Need to be Cared For

Without healthy baby teeth, your child may experience a number of issues. If they lose a tooth early, for example, their adult teeth may not come in correctly because there is too much space in that part of the mouth. This can cause teeth to come in at an angle or drift into the space of another tooth. Baby teeth are more susceptible to cavities, too, because their outer enamel is not as strong. This can cause your little one to be in pain, make it difficult for them to eat, and can lead to infections in their gums.

Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Your child will care for their baby teeth in much the same way they will care for their adult teeth. When they are still young, you should brush and floss their teeth for them. You will want to use only a very small amount of toothpaste for this. We can help you learn how to brush and floss their teeth if you have any questions. When they reach around age three, you can start letting them brush and floss their own teeth with supervision. This is when you can start teaching them good oral hygiene habits. We are also here to help you and your child learn how to take care of their baby teeth. We believe in the importance of dentistry for kids and early treatment. If you have not yet scheduled their first cleaning and exam with the team here at Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City, give us a call today at 971-470-0045.
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If you have not yet scheduled your child’s first cleaning and exam with the team here at Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City, give our office a call or visit today!
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