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Starting Young Is the Key to Teaching Proper Flossing Techniques

Posted on 3/20/2018 by Fariba Mutschler
Flossing Great Grins for KIDS - Oregon City OR 97045Flossing is an integral part of a regular oral hygiene routine. As we all know, brushing alone cannot clean your teeth adequately: the bristles of the brush simply cannot reach certain areas between the teeth or below the gum line.

In fact, one dentist went so far as to tell his patients, "You don't have to floss all your teeth. Only the ones you want to keep."

Given the importance of flossing, it stands to reason that teaching your children how to floss properly is an important part of instilling good oral hygiene habits in them. Yet, some of our patients come to us struggling with this matter. They are unsure when and how they should begin teaching their children the proper method of flossing.

Start When Your Child is Young
We tell our patients that the younger they start, the better off their children will be. While it is true that proper flossing requires a level of hand-eye coordination that may not yet be developed in a small child, getting him or her into the habit of trying-and demonstrating proper flossing technique over and over-is something that you should start at an early age.

By teaching your child the proper way to floss at a young age, you are helping him or her to develop habits that will serve him or her throughout his or her life. What's more, when he or she is older, he or she will not be tasked with trying to develop a new habit (flossing) because it will already be ingrained into his or her daily routine.

Ask Us if You Have any Questions!
It can be challenging getting a child to properly floss. We want you to know that we are here to help you. If you have any questions relating to helping your child learn proper flossing habits and technique, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Great Grins for Kids gets our highest rating. The dentists and staff are highly professional, yet compassionate and friendly. We have had experience with other dental practices that don't measure up. Getting our kids to Great Grins was a wonderful upgrade for our family. You set the bar very high! ~ Annabelle C.

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