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When a Parent Should Answer Their Child's Dental Questions, and When Not To

Posted on 3/25/2017 by Fariba Mutschler
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Kids often have questions before they go into the dentist's office. Sometimes the questions are basic, such as what an x-ray is or what a cleaning does.

Other times those questions are a bit more difficult to answer, such as will a specific procedure hurt, or what the dentist will do if they find a cavity.

Parents can be a great source of answers for a child, so long as the parent is passing along the right information. If you are nervous about going in to the dentist, you may not be the best place to get those answers for your child.

Nervous Parents Often Make for Nervous Children

When a parent had a bad experience with a dentist, this can cause problems for the child. Often, whether they mean to or not, these parents pass along their fears and nerves to their children in how they answer their questions.

It may never be an intentional act, but it could happen nonetheless. If you are worried that you may pass along negative connotations to your child simply by trying to truthfully answer their questions, let the dentist do it.

This is part of what they have gone to school for. They know how to answer questions in a safe and approachable manner, and can do it without causing any extra nervousness in your child.

You are your child's parent, and no one is going to tell you not to talk to your child if he or she approaches you with questions. However, if you know there is a chance that you may unintentionally pass along some worry, you may want to do what is in their best interest in this instance, which is letting them speak to their pediatric dentist about the concerns they have.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your child's oral health.

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