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When Kids Have Weak Enamel

Posted on 4/20/2016 by Fariba Mutschler
A little boy in pain suffering from weak tooth enamel.The enamel is the protective layer that keeps your teeth strong while attempting to prevent bacteria from accessing the nerve root and other inner workings.

It is extremely important for our dental health, but in certain situations, this protective barrier fails to fully develop in some kids.

This could leave them vulnerable to stress fractures and decay. It is important to understand the causes of weak enamel in kids in order to prevent them, and knowledge of treatment options can help to improve the problem.

Causes of Weak Enamel

For most children who have weak enamel, this is a problem that they are born with. In other cases, poor diet in early childhood or premature birth could be the cause, and early childhood disease like infection, high fever, and pneumonia could also be the culprit.

Additionally, if a child's mother takes certain medications during pregnancy, weakened enamel in the child's mouth could result.

The Effects of Weak Enamel

A tooth that has weak enamel will be more porous, making it more susceptible to decay and sensitivity. Depending on the severity of the case, the cavity might be so small that it is difficult to notice.

Some of the most severe cases of weak enamel cause teeth to become extremely fragile, making them more prone to breaking, fracture, and discoloration, so it is crucial that you pursue treatment in order to prevent any of these problems.

Treating Weak Enamel

If your child has weak enamel, it is important to get treatment for the problem. The exact treatment will depend on just how weak each tooth is, and in cases of minimal weakness, fluoride treatments or sealants might do the trick.

For more difficult cases, bonding, stainless steel crowns, or even extraction might be recommended. However, caring for your child's teeth properly can help to manage the condition.

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